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Danish Specialist Qualifications

Once you have obtained Danish authorization and permission to work independently as a medical doctor, you can begin Danish specialist training. Please note that this training is only available in Danish.

Specialist training

Registration of Specialist Qualifications

If you possess specialist qualifications, you can apply for an assessment of your completed specialist training to determine if additional training is necessary. This assessment is carried out by one of the three Regional Councils for Postgraduate Medical Training. To be eligible for this assessment, you must have completed either a 6 or 12-month employment period for adaptation and training purposes (evalueringsansættelse).

Vejledning om meritvurdering i speciallægeuddannelsen (available only in Danish)

The three Regional Councils for Postgraduate Medical Training

If you have completed a 6-month employment period at the specialist level, your three assessments (evalueringsskemaer) and the specialty logbook (if it was filled in during the employment) will be considered as part of the evaluation process. Once the council has completed its evaluation, you will receive information regarding the employments and courses you need to undertake in order to become a Danish specialist.

Once you have completed the additional employment periods and courses, you can apply to us for Danish specialist registration. Please fill out the application form available on the Ansøgning om speciallægeanerkendelse page (only available in Danish) and submit the council's evaluation, along with documentation of any additional employment periods and courses, to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

Ansøgning om speciallægeanerkendelse


Please note that there is a registration fee of DKK 4,165 for specialist qualifications.

Discontinued Specialties

Please note that registration as a specialist in Internal Medicine, Medical Allergology, Surgical Gastroenterology, and Clinical Neurophysiology is no longer possible in Denmark, as training in these specialties has been discontinued.