Information about limited registration to others than medical doctors and dentists

If you were informed prior to May 14, 2013, that you could obtain limited registration for a probationary appointment of six months, please be aware that new rules regarding probationary appointments have been implemented.

In May 2013, new regulations were introduced concerning the registration process for certain healthcare professionals who are citizens of, or educated in, countries outside the EU/EEA. These regulations are outlined in executive order no. 478 of May 10, 2013 (in Danish).

The regulations at

According to section 10 of this executive order, individuals working in the fields of prosthetics, orthotics, bioanalysis, occupational therapy, chiropody, physiotherapy, midwifery, chiropractic, clinical dietetics, clinical dental technology, contact lens optics, optometry, radiography, social and healthcare assistance, nursing, and dental hygiene, who have been notified of their eligibility for limited registration in a probationary appointment, may complete the probationary period under the previous rules until May 15, 2014. However, after this date, permanent registration can only be obtained by fulfilling all the requirements outlined in the new executive order.

Therefore, if you were informed before May 2013 that you could obtain limited registration for a probationary appointment of six months and you intend to commence your employment now, it will not be possible to complete the probationary period before May 15, 2014. Consequently, you must apply for registration under the new rules. To do so, please send an email to the Danish Patient Safety Authority at In your email, include your name, date of birth, and your case number, and state your intention to apply under the new rules.

Upon receiving your email, the Danish Patient Safety Authority will provide you with information regarding how the new rules will impact your registration procedure.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact the Danish Patient Safety Authority.