Targets and tasks

The Danish Patient Safety Authority undertakes various tasks as part of our mission to enhance patient safety. These tasks include:

  • Supervising authorized health professionals and health organizations. Read about supervision
  • Providing guidance on communicable diseases, health conditions relevant to driving license issuance, and conducting investigations, among others.
  • Granting registrations in 19 different healthcare professions to both Danish and foreign healthcare professionals.
  • Issuing permissions for independent practice as a medical doctor, dentist, or chiropractor.
  • Granting specialist registrations in 39 medical specialties and specialist registrations in the two dental specialties.
  • Managing the central administration of the adverse event reporting system in the healthcare sector and utilizing knowledge from adverse events and patient compensation cases to prevent similar incidents.
  • Offering advice on the entitlement to medical assistance in other countries based on Danish legislation, EU regulations, and other international agreements.