Certificate of Non-registration

If you are not currently registered or have never been registered within your profession, and therefore cannot provide a certificate of good standing, you will need to submit a certificate of non-registration issued by the relevant competent health authority from your education country.

The certificate of non-registration should be sent directly to the Danish Patient Safety Authority. Please ensure that the envelope or plastic courier pack clearly indicates the recipient as the Danish Patient Safety Authority. It's important to note that if you personally send the certificate of non-registration, it will not be accepted by the Danish Patient Safety Authority. 
The certificate of non-registration must include the following information:

  • Confirmation that you are not registered with a license to practice.
  • Indication that you have never been registered before, and there have been no instances where your previous registration was revoked.
  • Verification that you have never been subjected to disciplinary or adverse actions.
  • Inquiry about whether you would be eligible for registration if you were to apply today.

Alternatively, the competent authority may complete a specific form (available in Word format) and send it directly to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

If you have resided in multiple countries, you may be required to provide more than one certificate of non-registration after an assessment is conducted.

If you have any questions regarding the information mentioned above, please send an email to the Danish Patient Safety Authority at aaes@stps.dk. Kindly attach your CV/resume to facilitate a comprehensive response.

Certificate of non-registration form