Medical laboratory technologist

Medical laboratory technologists who have received their education outside Denmark, including those from the Nordic countries and EU/EEA countries, must obtain Danish authorization in order to use the title of medical laboratory technologist in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

Authorization Process

The authorization process and the required documentation depend on the country of your nationality and the country where you obtained your qualification as a medical laboratory technologist. 

Stay Updated

Until you receive Danish authorization and permission to work independently as a medical laboratory technologists, it is your responsibility to stay informed about any changes to the authorization process and deadlines.


As stated in the Danish Authorization Act, medical laboratory technologists are required to practice their profession with care and conscientiousness. This also includes maintaining sound communication with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals. The relevant authority evaluates whether the medical laboratory technologist meets the criteria outlined in the Danish Authorization Act.  

75-Year Rule

The entitlement to practice as a medical laboratory technologist expires at the age of 75.

The 75-Year rule