Health emergency and preparednes

When a ship carries individuals suspected of being infected with a dangerous or socially critical disease, such as COVID-19, certain precautions must be taken to protect public health.

No free contact with individuals ashore should occur until permission is granted by the Danish Patient Safety Authority. This authorization is required if there are individuals on board suffering from a generally dangerous or socially critical illness, or if they are presumed to be infected with such a disease. Additionally, if there are other conditions on board that pose a risk of spreading generally dangerous or socially critical diseases, permission must be obtained. The Authority will communicate its decision to the local police in the port of arrival.

To ensure compliance with these regulations, the ship's captain, their agent, or the ship's medical doctor must promptly notify the Danish Patient Safety Authority if there are individuals on board who are suffering from or suspected of having a generally dangerous or socially critical illness.

For contacting the authority during normal office hours, you can reach them at the telephone number +45 7228 6600. Outside of these hours, you can contact the authority's medical staff using the following telephone numbers:

  • Port of arrival located east of the Great Belt: +45 7022 0268
  • Port of arrival located west of the Great Belt: +45 7022 0269

These measures are essential to safeguard public health and prevent the spread of potentially dangerous diseases. By adhering to these guidelines, we can work together to protect the health and well-being of all individuals on board and in the surrounding communities.