Osteopaths who have received their education outside Denmark, including those from the Nordic countries and EU/EEA countries, must obtain Danish authorization in order to use the title of osteopath in Denmark.

There is no publicly regulated Danish education in osteopathy, and Danish authorization as an osteopath can be issued to those who possess the minimum competencies described in the regulation on the authorization of osteopaths.

Read the regulation


The fee for issuing an authorization is 5,691 DKK. You will be asked to pay the fee before we issue the authorization.


The title is protected, and you may only call yourself an osteopath if you have an authorization.

Personal data

When processing your application, we also process personal data about you.

Read more about the processing of personal data.

Processing time

The agency processes applications in the order they are received. Our goal is to have a processing time of no more than 4 months from the time we have received all the required documentation. Currently, we are unable to meet this goal in all cases, but we are working diligently to reduce processing time to reach the 4-month target.