Medical Test

Medical tests are conducted at the University of Copenhagen and consist of a written and an oral examination. Both tests are conducted in Danish and are free of charge.

Written Test

The written test lasts for four hours and includes questions related to internal medicine and surgery. The difficulty level of this test is equivalent to the requirements for Danish medical graduates. An external examiner will evaluate the exam, and you will receive a score on a 7-point grading scale.

Oral Test

The oral test lasts for two hours and consists of multiple stations where you will be assessed on various specialties. For example, you may be asked to demonstrate life-saving skills or provide explanations and accounts of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. The test is evaluated as either a pass or fail.

Registration for Exams

Once your documentation for a Danish language test is received and approved by the Patient Safety Authority, you will be automatically registered for the next written exam at the University of Copenhagen. If you choose not to participate in this exam, you must follow the unregistration process described below. Failing to unregister within the given deadline and not participating in the exam will still count as one of your three attempts.

To register for the oral exam, you can access the KU self-service system at KUnet.

The written test takes place in March and September, while the oral test is held in May and November. Detailed information regarding the exact test dates, registration deadlines, and other relevant details can be found on the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences website of the University of Copenhagen. Please note that the information is only available in Danish.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences


You can unregister from the test up to one month before the test date (excluding the test day itself). Please contact the examination office in writing or in person to initiate the unregistration process. Failing to unregister on time or not appearing for the test will count as one examination attempt. You have a maximum of three attempts for each test.

Notification of Illness

If you are unable to attend the test due to illness, it is crucial to inform the examination office as soon as possible, and no later than 9:00 AM on the test day. You must provide a medical certificate from your doctor, including the doctor's stamp and provider ID. The examination office must receive the medical certificate within three working days after notifying them of your illness. If you provide the necessary medical certificate and notify the examination office of your illness, the test will not count as one of your examination attempts.


The Danish Patient Safety Authority reserves the right to cancel the test if an insufficient number of candidates have registered.