Use of power of attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows an agent to act on your behalf. If you choose to send a power of attorney, you allow an individual to look after your interests and to represent you in the application process.

When you give power of attorney to an individual of your choice, this individual will act on your behalf in all matters concerning your application.

Among other things, you give your agent the right to:

  • have access to documents in your case
  • submit information to your case and make statements on your behalf, and
  • receive confidential information about your affairs, including your private affairs (if any).

If you have questions, comments or anything else about your case, you must go to your agent. We send all letters, information, questions, etc. to your agent and we strongly recommend that you be in contact with your agent on a regular basis. Please note that automatically sent receipts are sent to the email you
specified in your application or to your e-Boks if you have a CPR-number.

Please use our standard template, if you choose to let an agent represent you.

You can complete the power of attorney electronically, but you have to print and then sign the power of attorney.

You or your agent must send your power of attorney with your signature to the Danish Patient Safety Authority at the following address:

The Danish Patient Safety Authority
Islands Brygge 67
2300 Copenhagen S

You also have the option to send the power of attorney printed and scanned by email to:

Important: It is important that you, as the applicant sign the power of attorney. Neither your agent nor others may sign on your behalf.

Power of attorney - standard template

As long as the power of attorney is valid, all letters from the Danish Patient Safety Authority will be sent to the person you give power of attorney to. When we have assessed your application whether your education is adequate for testing or when we have finished processing your application, we will send the decision to your agent and with a copy to you.

You can revoke your power of attorney at any time by notifying the Danish Safety Patient Authority.

The power of attorney ends automatically when we have assessed your education as adequate for testing or when we have finished processing your application.

If we don’t have a correctly fulfilled or signed power of attorney, we have no opportunity to either confirm or deny that we are handling an application about a named person.