Acts and rules

The Danish Patient Safety Authority operates under the legal framework established by the Danish Parliament, as outlined in various acts, including the Danish Health Act.

All Danish acts, executive orders, circulars, and more can be accessed on, the official platform for legal texts in Denmark. This service is free and allows users to search for acts and rules issued by Danish ministries and central government agencies. It provides access to both current and historical legal texts.

Please note that not all Danish acts and executive orders have been translated into English.

For rules and legislation related to the Danish Ministry of Health, you can visit (available in Danish only).

Danish subscription to searches in the web version of the Danish official gazette,

All Danish national acts and rules are published in Lovtidende, the official Danish national gazette. To stay informed in Danish, you have the option to subscribe to searches on

By subscribing, you can customize your search using keywords, document types, and relevant spheres such as the Ministry of Health. Once you've set up your preferences, you will receive email notifications whenever new documents matching your search criteria are published in Lovtidende. This ensures that you stay up-to-date with the latest information.

Consultations are published on 'Høringsportalen'

Consultations regarding proposals to amend acts, executive orders, and other matters of public interest within the Danish Patient Safety Authority's jurisdiction are made available for public review on Høringsportalen, a Danish consultation portal. Please note that all information provided is in Danish. By visiting Høringsportalen, you have the option to subscribe to email notifications or RSS feeds to stay updated on Danish announcements regarding ongoing consultations.

For the sake of efficiency, we will limit the publication of news related to consultations that are of interest to only a small group. Consequently, not all information will be translated into English.


EU law

European Union law serves as the fundamental legal framework guiding our operations.

To access relevant EU law and accompanying documents, please visit the EUR-Lex website. EUR-Lex provides comprehensive information in all official languages of the European Union.

EUR-Lex website