National Contact Point for Cross-border Healthcare in the EU/EEA

The Danish Patient Safety Authority's EU Health Insurance serves as the national coordinating contact point in Denmark for cross-border healthcare in other EU/EEA states.

Directive 2011/24/EU, also known as the Directive on patients' rights regarding cross-border healthcare, clearly outlines the rights of patients to receive healthcare in EU/EEA states other than their country of residence.

Our Authority offers comprehensive guidance on the reimbursement of treatment costs incurred in other EU/EEA states. We can assist you in understanding your rights in this regard.

Additionally, we provide valuable guidance to insured individuals from other EU/EEA states who are seeking treatment in Denmark. We are here to help you navigate the healthcare system and access the care you need.

For Danish citizens interested in receiving treatment abroad, the regional National Contact Points, located in each of the five regions, offer specific guidance tailored to your needs.

Likewise, the regional National Contact Points are available to provide specialized guidance to insured individuals from other EU/EEA states who are seeking treatment in Denmark.

To access our services or seek further information, please get in touch with one of the five regional National Contact Points.

We are here to support you in accessing cross-border healthcare within the EU/EEA, ensuring that you receive the care you require.

The North Denmark Region

Tel: +45 97 64 80 10

The North Denmark Region's website

Central Denmark Region

In order to contact the patient advisors in the Central Denmark Region you need to fill in an online information request form on the Central Denmark Region's website. The online form can be accessed by using the link below. If your are exempt from digital post, you do not have a personal MitID or you need help to fill in the form, you can call tel: +45 78 41 04 44.

The Central Denmark Region's website

The Region of Southern Denmark

Tel: +45 76 63 14 90

The Southern Denmark Region's website

Region Zealand

Tel: +45  70 15 50 01

Region Zealand's website 

The Capital Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark's website