Course in Danish Health Legislation

The Danish Patient Safety Authority offers a 3-day course on Danish healthcare legislation. This course, conducted in Danish, is free of charge and includes meals. However, any additional expenses related to the course are the participant's responsibility.

Course Structure

The course consists of three modules, combining group teaching and group work. Each module concludes with a written test.

Module 1 - Organization of the Danish Health Service

In the first module, participants will be introduced to the Danish health service, its organization, complaint procedures, the process of seeking damages, and the supervisory role of the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

Module 2 - Patient Rights

The second module aims to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of fundamental patient rights, with a particular focus on challenging situations that healthcare professionals trained outside Denmark may encounter. Key topics covered include informed consent, treatment of legally incapable individuals, and confidentiality.

Module 3 - Obligations and Rights of Healthcare Professionals

The third and final module provides participants with an overview of their obligations towards the authorities, including the supervision of healthcare professionals. It also addresses how their registration and other rights may be affected or restricted.


After passing a language test approved by the Danish Patient Safety Authority, you can register for the course in Danish healthcare legislation. To register, please send an email to stating your name, date of birth, and case number. Confirmation of your registration and further instructions will be sent to you digitally within 14 days.


Each course can accommodate up to 15 participants. Due to the high number of candidates on the waiting list, the Danish Patient Safety Authority will determine who can attend the course. Priority is based on the order of registration and whether the candidate has passed the required tests, such as dental exams. For instance, doctors or dentists who have passed all the tests and registered early will receive the highest priority.

There is no need to inform us separately about your dental test results. We receive automatic updates from the University of Copenhagen.

Mandatory Attendance

Attendance is mandatory for all modules, and photo identification will be checked to verify attendance. If you are unable to attend certain parts of the course, you can make up for the missed sessions during a future course.

The course is evaluated on a pass/fail basis. If you do not pass the course, you will be offered an oral re-examination. If you fail the re-examination, you may participate in the course again.


You may cancel your registration up to five working days before the course starts. To cancel, please contact Registration and Analysis in writing at Failure to cancel in time or nonattendance will count as one attempt. You have a total of three attempts for this course.

Notification of Illness

In case of illness, you must notify Registration, Analysis, and EU Health Insurance at as soon as possible, but no later than 9:00 a.m. on the first day of the course. A medical certificate from your doctor, including their stamp and provider ID, must be provided. The medical certificate must reach Registration, Analysis, and EU Health Insurance no later than three working days after notifying them of your illness. If you provide the necessary notification and a valid medical certificate, the course will not count as one attempt.

Course Materials

Course materials, including relevant acts and executive orders, will be distributed at the beginning of the course. Before attending, the Danish Patient Safety Authority recommends reading the two most important sets of rules: "Sundhedsloven" and "Lov om autorisation af sundhedspersoner og om sundhedsfaglig virksomhed".


Lov om autorisation af sundhedspersoner og om sundhedsfaglig virksomhed