Employment for adaptation and training purposes

When you have received a letter from us approving your education and you have passed Danish Test 3, you will be ready to find an evaluation position. You need to apply for and obtain an evaluation authorization before you can start in your evaluation position.

Requirements for the evaluation position

Once we have approved your education and you have met the language requirements, you are ready to apply for an evaluation position, which you must find yourself.

The position must be at a hospital or clinic. You must be employed full-time for a minimum of 6 months. You must be employed under normal conditions and receive a salary during this period. Please note that you cannot start your evaluation position until you have an evaluation authorization, a residence permit, and a work permit.

Purpose of the position

During your evaluation position, your employer will assess your clinical competencies and your ability to communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals.

Evaluation authorization

You need an evaluation authorization to work in an evaluation position. The evaluation authorization is limited to the workplace where you are employed and is only valid for the duration of your employment in the evaluation position. Once you have an evaluation authorization, you are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as other authorized personnel.

How to obtain an evaluation authorization

Once you have been offered a position, you need to apply for an evaluation authorization, which we provide for your 6-month evaluation employment.

To obtain an evaluation authorization, you must:

  • Request the employer who is hiring you to fill out and send us the Application for Evaluation Authorization for an Evaluation Position.
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  • Send us an updated CV.
  • Ask the relevant authorities in the country where you last worked as an ambulance attendant to send a new "good standing" statement or ask them to complete the Validation of Registration form. You should request the authorities to send the statement or form directly to us. The sender must be clearly indicated. We do not accept it if you send it yourself - even if you send it in a sealed envelope.
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You must not start your evaluation employment until you have obtained an evaluation authorization. Your evaluation authorization will be listed in the public authorization register.

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Processing time

Once we have received all the required documentation, we will process your application for evaluation authorization as quickly as possible. However, the processing of your application may take up to 14 days. We are unable to issue an evaluation authorization retroactively.


There is a fee of 1,040 DKK for issuing an authorization.

Decisions after the evaluation position

When you have completed your evaluation position, the department or clinic where you have been employed will send a statement to us.

Permanent authorization

If the department or clinic provides a positive assessment of both your language qualifications and professional competencies, you will receive a permanent Danish authorization as an ambulance attendant.

Rejection or new evaluation position

If we receive a negative statement from your place of employment and they assess that you will not be able to improve your clinical or language competencies, we will consider the next steps. We will assess whether there is a basis for offering another evaluation period or if your application for authorization will be rejected.