Employment for Adaptation and Training Purposes

Once we have assessed your foreign qualifications and found it adequate to be tested, you can pursue employment for adaption and training purposes (evalueringsansættelse).

Employment for adaptation and training is a minimum 6-month period designed to assess your clinical and communication skills. You are responsible for finding and applying for any available positions on your own. This employment must be full-time.

It is essential to ensure that the position you apply for is eligible for employment for adaptation and training purposes. The Danish Patient Safety Authority will review the position and provide an authorization specifically for your employment.

Temporary Authorization (evalueringsautorisation)

Before starting your employment, you need an "evalueringsautorisation." Once you have been offered a position, you must apply for this authorization from the Danish Patient Safety Authority by completing the "Ansøgning om evalueringsautorisation" form.

When applying for an evalueringsautorisation, you must submit an updated CV and ensure that the health authorities in the country where you last worked as a registered nurse provide a new "good standing" statement or complete the required form and send it directly to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

The evaluation authorisation can be requested on the form, which must be completed and stamped by the recruiting department/clinic and sent to the Danish Patient Safety Authority by mail.

Evalueringsansættelse (in danish)


The Danish Patient Safety Authority requires a minimum of 14 days to assess the documentation and issue a temporary authorization.

Positive Assessments

Once you have completed the employment for adaptation and training purposes, and the department has provided positive assessments (evalueringsskemaer), you will receive Danish authorization as a nurse.

Negative Assessments

If negative assessments are received from your employer during the employment period, indicating little possibility of improving your clinical and/or communication skills, the Danish Patient Safety Authority will determine the next steps.