Employment for Adaptation and Training Purposes

Once you have successfully passed the language test, you will be eligible for employment for adaptation and training purposes, also known as "evalueringsansættelse."

Employment for adaptation and training is a minimum 6-month opportunity designed to assess your clinical and communication skills. It is your responsibility to search for and apply to any available positions. Please note that this employment must be full-time.

Before you can begin your employment, you must obtain a temporary authorization, known as an "evalueringsautorisation." Once you have been offered a position, you must apply for this authorization by completing the "Ansøgning om evalueringsautorisation" form, which is available from the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

Temporary Authorization (evalueringsautorisation)

When applying for a temporary authorization, please ensure that you submit an updated CV. Additionally, the health authorities in the country where you last practiced as a chiropodist must send a new statement confirming your "good standing" or complete the required form directly to the Danish Patient Safety Authority. If chiropody is an unregulated profession in your country, you must request a criminal record directly from the issuing authority and send it to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

The completed form, duly filled and stamped by the recruiting department or clinic, must be sent to the Danish Patient Safety Authority via mail.

Ansøgning om evalueringsautorisation.pdf


The Danish Patient Safety Authority will require a minimum of 14 days to assess your application and issue a temporary authorization, provided they have received all the necessary documentation.

Positive Assessments

Upon successful completion of the employment for adaptation and training, and upon receiving positive assessments (evalueringsskemaer) from the department, you will be granted Danish authorization as a chiropodist.

Negative Assessments

In the event that negative assessments are received from your employer during the employment period, indicating a lack of improvement in your clinical and/or communication skills, the Danish Patient Safety Authority will determine the appropriate course of action.