Permission to Work Independently

To work independently as a medical doctor in Denmark, you must obtain Danish authorization and permission. You can apply for this permission at least one (1) month before completing your employment for adaptation and training purposes (evalueringsansættelse). Please note that there is a fee of DKK 1,206 for this permission.

For guidelines and the application form, please visit Tilladelse til selvstændigt virke (only available in Danish).


The Public Online Register of Healthcare Professionals

As a registered health professional, your name will be included in the list of registered health professionals on our public online register of healthcare professionals.

Specialist Training

Once you have obtained Danish authorization and permission to work independently as a medical doctor, you can commence specialty training. For more information, refer to the Bekendtgørelse om uddannelse af speciallæger, which is the Danish executive order on specialty training (only available in Danish).

If you possess specialist qualifications, you can apply for an assessment of your completed specialist training with a possibility of additional training, if required, from one of the three Regionale Råd for Lægers Videreuddannelse (Regional Councils for Postgraduate Medical Training). This can be done after you have completed either 6 or 12 months of employment for adaptation and training purposes (evalueringsansættelse). For more information, see Specialist.

The 75-Year Rule

Please note that the entitlement to practice as a medical doctor expires at the age of 75. For more information, refer to the 75-Year Rule.

General Information

All relevant information necessary for the assessment of your application for permission to work independently will be processed electronically by the Danish Patient Safety Authority, and if necessary, by professional advisors. The online register of the Danish Patient Safety Authority will contain details such as your name, address, civil registration number, nationality, case number, country of training, educational institution, examination dates, and registration dates. This information will be used for identification of the case, assessment purposes, and for statistical analysis.</p >