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Danish specialist qualifications

When you have obtained Danish authorisation and permission to work independently as a medical doctor, you can start Danish specialist training (only available in Danish).

Registration of specialist qualifications

If you hold specialist qualifications, you can apply for an assessment of your completed specialist training with a view to additional training, if necessary, from one of the three Regionale Råd for Lægers Videreuddannelse (Regional Councils for Postgraduate Medical Training), when you have completed either 6 or 12 months' employment for adaptation and training purposes (evalueringsansættelse). For more information, see Vejledning om meritvurdering i speciallægeuddannelsen (only in Danish).

If you have completed a 6-month-employment period at specialist level, your 3 assessments (evalueringsskemaer) and the speciality log book, if it was filled in during the employment, will form part of the evaluation. When the council has completed its evaluation, you will be informed of the employments and courses you need to complete in order to become a Danish specialist.

You can apply to us for Danish specialist registration, when you have completed the additional employment periods and courses. Fill in the application form which you find on the page Ansøgning om speciallægeanerkendelse (only available in Danish) and send the council’s evaluation as well as documentation of any additional employment periods and courses to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.


There is a fee of DKK 4,165 for a registration of specialist qualifications.

Discontinued specialities

Registration as a specialist in Internal medicine, Medical allergology, Surgical gastroenterology and Clinical neurophysiology is no longer possible as training in these specialities no longer exists in Denmark.