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Medical doctor: application for registration

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If you have completed medical training in a country outside Denmark and want to work as a medical doctor (læge) in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands, you need to apply for Danish registration.

 Authorisation process

The authorisation process and the required documentation depend on the country in which you are a national and the country in which you qualified as a medical doctor:

Keep updated

Until you have been granted Danish authorisation and permission to work independently as a medical doctor, you are obliged to keep updated about any changes to the authorisation process and the deadlines you have to meet.

Sound communication

According to the Danish Authorisation Act, doctors are required to practice their profession with due care and conscientiousness. This provision also implies sound communication with patients, relatives, other healthcare professionals etc. The appointing authority assesses whether the doctor meets the requirements laid down in the Danish Authorisation Act.

Specialist training

Once you have received Danish authorization and permission to work independently as a doctor, you may commence specialist training in Denmark. You can find information about specialist training including a list of approved curricula by specialty on the website of the Health Authority. The site is in Danish.

75 years rule

The entitlement to practice as a medical doctor expires at the age of 75. Read more about the 75 years rule.