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To become a specialist dentist in Denmark

When you have obtained Danish authorisation and permission to work independently as a dentist, you may start Danish specialist training or apply for an assessment of your already, foreign specialist dental education.

In Denmark we have the specialties Oral Surgery and Orthodontics.

Specialist training in Orthodontics (3 years) takes place at the Dental schools in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Specialist training in Oral Surgery (5 years) takes place at competent hospital departments.

Information about specialist training is available on the website of the Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen). The site is only in Danish, however.

Registration of specialist qualifications

If you have completed specialist training outside Denmark, the Nordic countries, the EU, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you may apply for an assessment of your completed specialist training with a view to additional training, if necessary.

Please contact the Danish Health Authority at,to get more information of your options. 

Please note that in order for the Danish Health Authority to make an assessment, you will be asked to send substantial documentation, including details of the contents of your specialist training etc.

How to apply for Danish specialist registration at the Danish Patient Safety Authority

When all requirements have been fulfilled you must fill in application for specialist registration (only available in Danish). You must also send us the Danish Health Authority's assessment and documentation for additional employment, if any. 


There is a fee of DKK 4,165 for a registration of specialist qualifications.