News and deadlines

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1 January 2018. With the new study guidelines for dentists you will automatically be registered to participate in the next written exam upon receipt and approval of your documentation for the language test in Danish. Your registration to the oral exam will be canceled if you do not pass the written exam, as this exam must be passed first. Please find further information on Dental tests.


Employment for adaptation and training purposes

When you have passed the dental tests and completed the course in Danish legislation, you have 12 months to find and take up employment for adaptation and training purposes. If you have not succeed in finding employment for adaptation and training purposes within 12 months, you have to apply again to obtain an assessment of whether your dental qualifications are eligible for testing.
Please not that in connection with your application you have to submit documentation as evidence of 12 months employments as a dentist, if your dental training is more than 6 years old when you apply again (6-year-rule).
The 6-year-rule means that your primary dental qualification will be considered obsolete, unless you can document that you have worked as a dentist for at least 12 months during the past 6 years preceding the new application date. It is a condition that you were registered/authorised as a dentist by the competent health authority in this period.