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Employment for adaptation and training

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When you have passed the dental tests and the course in Danish Health Legislation and you have received a letter from the Danish Patient Safety Authority, you may take up employment for adaptation and training purposes (evalueringsansættelse).

This employment is for the purpose of assesing your clinical and your communication skills. You must take up this employment no later than 12 months after you have passed the last dental test or course in Danish Health Legislation. Your salary and work are under general employment terms. 

Adaptation and training purposes

You must apply for a position for adaptation and training purposes (evalueringsansættelse) in a clinic of dentistry. The period of employment is 12 months or longer during which you must fulfil the requirements of §§ 1-2 of Bekendtgørelse (order no.) 427 af 9. maj 2011 om tilladelse til selvstændigt virke.

In the process of the employment, the clinic will evaluate your dental and communicative skills. The clinic is thus obliged to sending reports to the Danish Patient Safety Authority after 1 month and in the last month of the employment.


You have to find and apply for any vacant positions yourself. 

Temporary authorisation (evalueringsautorisation)

Having been offered the position, you must apply the Danish Patient Safety Authority for an evalueringsautorisation (only in Danish). The authorisation is to be used in connection with the position (evalueringsansættelse).

You cannot commence work before having been issued with an "evalueringsautorisation".

Positive assessments

When you have completed the employment for adaptation and training purposes and the Danish Patient Safety Authority has received positive assessments (evalueringsskemaer) from the clinic etc., you will be awarded Danish authorisation and permission to work independently as a dentist.

Negative assessments

If, during the employment period, we receive negative assessments from your employer and it is noted that it is unlikely you can improve your clinical and/or communication skills, we will - based on the negative assessment - decide on the next steps.