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Dental tests

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The dental tests consist of a written and an two oral tests taking place at the University of Copenhagen. The tests are in Danish and free of charge. 

Written dental test

This is a 4-hour test comprising questions related to disciplines as cariology (cariologi), endodontics (endodontic), periodontics (parodontologi), oral rehabilitation/prosthetics (oral rehabilitering/protetik), oral surgery (oral kirurgi), radiology (radiologi), oral physiology (oral fysiologi) and pediatric dentistry (child patient) (pædodonti). The test is evaluated as pass/fail.

Oral dental test concerning children

In the oral dental test you have one hour for preparation of 4-5 cases that involve paediatric patients. The test lasts one hour and is evaluated as pass/fail. 

Oral/practical dental test concerning adults

In the oral/practical dental test you have 2 hours in order to examine an adult patient, prepare a file and come up with suggestions for treatment. The test lasts one hour and is evaluated as pass/fail.

Registration for exams

Upon receipt and approval of your documentation for a language test in Danish, the Patient Safety Authority will notify the University of Copenhagen and you will automatically be registered to participate in the next written exam. If you do not wish to participate in this exam, you must unregister as described below. If you do not unregister within the deadline, and you do not participate in the exam, it will be registered as one attempt.
Once you have gained access to the KU self-service system at KUnet, you can register for the oral exam. 

The written test is held in September, the oral test concerning children is held in May and November and the oral test concerning adult is held in January and June. You can find information of the exact test dates and the deadline for registration etc. on the website of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences the University of Copenhagen (the information is only in Danish, however).


You can unregister from the test one month before the test (excluding the test day). Please contact the examination office in writing or in person. If you do not unregister in time or if you fail to appear, it will count as one examination attempt.

You have a total of three attempts for each test. 

Notification of illness

In case of illness, you must notify the examination office as soon as possible and no later than at 9.00 on the test day. You must provide a medical certificate from your own doctor, with the doctor’s stamp and provider ID. The examination office must receive the medical certificate no later than three working days after your notification of illness. If you notify the examination office of your illness and provide a medical certificate, the test will not count as one examination attempt. 


The Danish Patient Safety Authority may cancel the test if an insufficient number of candidates have registered for the test.