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Course in Danish health legislation

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The course in Danish health care legislation is a 3-day course taking place at the Danish Patient Safety Authority. The course is in Danish and free of charge. Meals are included in the course. You have to pay any other expenses in connection with the course.

Course structure

The course comprises three modules and includes group teaching and group work. Each module ends with a written test.

Module 1 - Organisation of the Danish health service

On the first module, the participants will be introduced to the Danish health service, its organisation, including complaints and the possibility of seeking damages, as well as the supervisory function of the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

Module 2 - Patient rights

The purpose of the second module is to provide the participants with extensive knowledge of fundamental patient rights with particular emphasis on situations that have been difficult to handle in practice for healthcare professionals trained outside Denmark. Special focus will be on informed consent, legally incapable persons and confidentiality.

Module 3 - Healthcare professionals’ obligations and rights

On the third and last module, the participants will get an overview of the obligations they are subject to in relation to the authorities, including the supervision of healthcare professionals, and how their registration and other rights can be affected/restricted.


Once the Danish Patient Safety Authority has approved your language test, you can register for the course in Danish health care legislation by sending an email to stating your name, date of birth and case number. Within 14 days you will receive confirmation by digital post about the next steps.


The number of participants per course is 15. Due to the fact that the number of candidates on the waiting list exceeds the number of seats, the Danish Patient Safety Authority will decide who can participate in the course. The prioritisation is based on when you registered for the course and whether you have passed the dental tests etc. E.g. a doctor/dentist who has passed all the tests and registered for the course at an early date will be given the highest priority.

You do not have to inform us that you have passed the dental tests; we are informed automatically when the University of Copenhagen sends a list of the results to us.

Mandatory attendance

Attendance is mandatory for all of the modules. Attendance will be checked by photo identification. If you are unable to participate in parts of the course, you can take the missing part at a later course.

The course is evaluated as pass/fail. If you do not pass the course, you will be offered an oral re-examination. In case you do not pass this re-examination, you can participate in the course again.


You can unregister from the course up to five working days before the start date. To unregister, contact Registration and Analysis, in writing. If you do not unregister in time or if you fail to appear, it will count as one attempt. You have a total of three attempts for this course.

Notification of illness

In case of illness, you must notify the Registration, Analysis and EU Health Insurance,, as soon as possible and no later than at 9.00 on the first course day. You must provide a medical certificate from your own doctor, with the doctor’s stamp and provider ID. The Registration, Analysis and EU Health Insurance must receive the medical certificate no later than three working days after your notification of illness. If you notify the Rigistration, Analysis and EU Health Insurance of your illness and provide a medical certificate, the course will not count as one attempt.

Course material

Material, including relevant acts, executive orders etc., will be handed out at the start-up of the course. The Danish Patient Safety Authority recommends that you read the two most important set of rules before the course, "Sundhedsloven" and "Lov om autorisation af sundhedspersoner og om sundhedsfaglig virksomhed", which you can find under related links.

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