Certificate of good standing from Iran

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This only applies for dentists that must send a certificate of good standing from Iran.
The Danish Patient Safety Authority (DPSA) has recently come to understand that from 1 December 2018 it is no longer possible for the Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran to send certificates of good standing directly to the DPSA.
The DPSA does not approve certificates of good standing sent as attachments to an email from the Iranian Medical Council or certificates which an applicant/applicant's family, etc. send to the DPSA. It is therefore necessary that the certificate of good standing be verified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®), USA.
You must complete the following steps:
Step 1 - Fill in online application form, (if this has not already been done). 

Step 2 - Contact the DPSA by email, aaes@stps.dk, with the information of your full name, date of birth and perhaps case number. Please also note in your email that it concerns a certificate of good standing from Iran. We will then notify the ECFMG with your full name, date of birth, country of education and email address. You will within 14 days receive a confirmation mail from the DPSA where after you can proceed to Step 3

Step 3 - Establish an EPIC Account.

See Getting Started on the EPIC website for complete instructions. Once ECFMG has processed your request and established your EPIC Account, ECFMG will e-mail you login information so you can access your EPIC Account.

Step 4 - Confirm your identity with EPIC.

See Confirming Your Identity with EPIC on the EPIC website for detailed information. Confirming your identity with EPIC requires you to submit an EPIC Identification Form (EIF). Once this form has been accepted by ECFMG, you will be able to upload credentials required by the Danish Patient Safety Authority for primary-source verification.

Step 5 - Upload the required credential for primary-source verification through EPIC.

Log in to your EPIC Account and upload the following credential to EPIC for primary-source verification:

  • License to Practice Dentistry/certificate of good standing issued by the competent health authority in Iran.

Once uploaded, you can check on the status of your credentials at any time by logging in to your EPIC Account. See Using EPIC on the EPIC website for more information

Step 6 - Send report on your verified credential to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

ECFMG will notify you by e-mail when your credential is verified. Once the credential has been verified, go to the “My Reports” tab in your EPIC Account and request that the EPIC Report be provided to the Danish Patient Safety Authority. For more information on EPIC Reports, see the EPIC Reports section of the Using EPIC page on the EPIC website.

Please do not send the certificate of good standing that you uploaded to EPIC to the Danish Patient Safety authority as the report replace the certificate. 

Please note...
As EPIC is currently only intended for medical doctors, ECFMG's website has no references to EPIC for dentists, which means that you should simply follow the instructions intended for medical doctors when uploading your document etc.  

The EPIC report can currently as well only be used as documentation in connection with your application for Danish authorisation at the Danish Patient Safety Authority. You cannot have the EPIC report sent to other authorities, including authorities in other countries, due to the fact that the EPIC report will show the title doctor and not dentist, etc. When EPIC is once implemented in their system also to include dentists, your EPIC report will again be available to you so that you may use it in other connections if you wish to do so at a later date.