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Registration of healthcare professionals

Important information about limited registration to others than medical doctors and dentists

These pages contain information for healthcare professionals trained abroad on how to apply for Danish registration.

Important information to applicants who, before May 2013, have been informed that they can obtain limited registration to a probationary appointment


Please note that if you send your documents by courier, please make sure that the courier in question delivers your parcel between 8.30 am – 15.30 pm. If unable to deliver the parcel, the courier may decide to return the parcel to you. 


All information of importance to the assessment of your application for authorisation will be processed electronically by the Danish Patient Safety Authority, and if required by professional advisers. Information about name, address, civil registration number, nationality, case number, country of training, educational institution as well as examination and registration dates will be registered in the online register of the Danish Patient Safety Authority and will be used for identification of the case, the assessment and statistical purposes.