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Expiration of the right to practice independently at the age of 75 (75-year-rule)

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In accordance with § 14 of the Danish Authorization Act (Consolidated Act No. 1356 of 23 October 2016) the permission to practice independently as a medical doctor, dentist or chiropractor etc. expires at the age of 75.

However, the right to use the professional title (medical doctor, dentist, etc.) is maintained. The same applies to medical and dental specialists who may still use their specialist titles after the age of 75.

Medical doctors and dentists may continue to prescribe medicine for own use as well as for the use of close relatives if it is not done for commercial purposes.

Who falls under the rule

All registered health professionals who after the 1st of January 2007 reach the age of 75 are subject to the rule. All health professionals who on the 1st of January 2007 had already turned 75 are not affected by the rule but can continue to practice independently.

Exemption for the 75-year-rule

The Danish Patient Safety Authority can grant exemption for the 75-year-rule. Exemption may be given fully or partially.

Applications for exemption must be submitted to the regional public health medical officer who, among other things, considers the applicant's state of health, professional competences and attachment to the labor market. An exemption can be restricted in time or to certain health services.