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Certificate of non-registration

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If for some reason you are not/have never been registered within your profession and thus unable to submit a certificate of good standing, you must instead submit a certificate of non-registration that has been issued by the relevant competent health authority (ministry or the like).

The competent authority must send the certificate of non-registration directly to the Danish Patient Safety Authority which clearly must be stated on the envelope/plastic currier pack. Please note that the certificate of non-registration will not be accepted if you send it to the Danish Patient Safety Authority yourself.

The certificate of non-registration must hold the following information:

  • You are not registered with a license to practice.
  • You have never been registered and no previous registration has ever been revoked.
  • You have never been subject to disciplinary actions or any other adverse actions.
  • You would become registered today, if you applied for registration?

The competent authority may also fill in this form (word) and send it to the Danish Patient Safety Authority. 

If you have stayed in more than one country, you may upon assessment, be asked for more than one certificate of non-registration.

If you have questions to the above, please send the Danish Patient Safety Authority an email to in which you kindly are to attach your CV/resume in order to answer you as best as possible.