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National Contact Point for Cross-border Healthcare in the EU/EEA

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Danish Patient Safety Authority, EU Health Insurance, is the Danish national coordinating contact point for cross-border healthcare in other EU/EEA states.

Directive 2011/24/EU (Directive on patients' rights on cross border healthcare) clarifies the right of patients to receive healthcare in other EU/EEA states than the state of residence.

The Authority provide general guidance on the rights to reimbursement of costs for treatment received in another EU/EEA state.

The Authority likewise provide general guidance to insured persons from other EU/EEA states looking for treatment in Denmark.

The regional National Contact Point in each of the five regions provide specific guidance for Danish citizens, who want treatment abroad. 

The regional National Contact Point likewise provide specific guidance to insured persons from other EU/EEA states, who are looking for treatment in Denmark.

Contact one of the five regional National Contact Points

The North Denmark Region

Tel: +45 97 64 80 10

Go to the North Denmark Region's website

Central Denmark Region

Tel: +45 78 41 04 44

Go to the Central Denmark Region's website

The Region of Southern Denmark

Tel: +45 76 63 14 90

Go to the Southern Denmark Region's website

Region Zealand

Tel: +45  70 15 50 01 el

Go to Region Zealand's website 

The Capital Region of Denmark

Go to the Capital Region of Denmark's website to see phone numbers and e-mail addresses